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SUD Curriculum

FL Consortium

Substance Use Disorder Course


This science-informed curriculum, focused on Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) and co-occurring mental health disorders, was developed by the Florida Higher Education Substance Use Disorder Consortium.

This multi-university project, spearheaded by Florida State University, offers modules that can be taken individually or in a sequential order as outlined in the provided pacing guide. Each module provides 3 continuing education units. 


Click on each MODULE button to see the respective training.

Module 1, Statement of Need, is excluded, as it is tailored for college students and serves to provide foundational insights into the relevance of the course’s subject matter.

What is Addiction?

Causes, Contributors, Factors & Health Disparities

of Addiction

Substance Use Prevention
& Early Intervention

Screening, Assessment
& Diagnosis

Interventions: Treatment, Recovery, Relapse Prevention
(Pt I)

Interventions: Treatment, Recovery, Relapse Prevention
(Pt II)

Recovery, Relapse
Prevention, & Maintenance

Ethics of SUD
Substance Misuse
& Families

Co-Occurring Disorders
& Special Populations

Trends in Public
Policy & Funding
Clinical Supervision
Emerging Trends
& Innovations